About Us

People will generally notice a bad hair transplant. That's why it is important for you to choose a clinic with the expertise and experience in making your hair transplant a successful one. A prominent figure in the hair transplant community, Our Doctors has become renowned for their dedication to high quality results with their patients. With a background in M.Ch& Hair Surgeon, Years of experience in his practice have given a long history of satisfied patients who will attest’sremarkable work.

Part of the success of the ‘Hair Transformers’ Hair Transplant & Replacement Center high quality results is due to the highly skilled surgical technicians that we employ to assist the surgeon in the procedure. There is a heavy emphasis on teamwork for the technicians as it takes a team effort to coordinate the procedures for each surgery. Our ultimate goal is to provide patients with the best natural looking hair transplant. To reach that goal, we developed the Natural Hair Transplant Surgical Team. There is a full team supporting the operating doctor at every operation in order to supply the quality service and undivided attention each patient deserves. Our commitment to teamwork is clearly shown in the quality and safety of our hair transplant surgeries. All of these things ensure the finest hair transplant possible for our patients."

Our Surgeon of ‘Hair Transformers’ Hair Transplant & Replacement Center. In addition to hair transplant surgery, they have over 5 years of experience in the surgical field. For the past several years, he has attended hair transplant schools, conferences, and operation rooms internationally, and trained with many renowned hair restoration surgeons. It was during this time that he created the unique Natural Grafts Procedure used at our clinic. Medical expertise and concern for people's needs have been attracting patients ever since.