Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Mumbai

What is a hair transplant?

Since 1950, hair transplant surgery has turned out to be a phenomenal approach to deal with baldness. It is a complex surgery conducted through an invasive procedure where a dermatological specialist takes hair from an affluent area and transplant them to a hairless area of the head. Our hair transplant clinic in Mumbai introduces a lot of innovative enhancements and modifications in the procedures to offer a unique hair transplant experience to the clients.

The primary step includes cleansing of the scalp and applying local anesthesia to make it numb. The second step follows two offbeat kinds of procedures- first, a small hole is created after anesthetizing the scalp and next, a follicle grafting is fixed carefully in the designed holes.

This is a simple procedure through which the skilled surgeons of our hair transplant center in Mumbai performs hair transplant. The whole operation usually takes 4 – 8 hours to complete, depending on the area to be treated.



Different types of hair transplants?

Hairloss and baldness are the dominant problems rampant in the current population. It occurs due to various causes such as genetics, age, hormonal fluctuations, conditions, chemotherapy, lifestyle preferences, etc. Tremendous hair loss tends to demotivate a person's self-confidence and psychologically hampers their reflection and social behavior. To rescue people from such matters, Impression Skin-Hair & Cosmetic Hub comes into the picture with the hair transplant in Mumbai with acute hair loss solutions.

Being the most advanced hair transplant clinic in Mumbai, we serve to worth your every visit with our exceptional hair loss treatments and procedures to let you retrieve a whole plumage of tangible hair on your head.

Cost of Hair Transplant

Our service for Hair transplant includes various procedures and approaches- surgical & non-surgical. The cost regarding the treatment utterly depends on the client's preference for methods and their requirements. Our hair transplant clinic in Mumbai endeavors to escort every processing under a cost-effective assessment meriting the value of treatment's effectiveness and client satisfaction. Have a look at our different approaches concerning the Surgical Hair transplant-

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

Follicular Transfer AKA Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is the eminent method of collecting hair follicles in the piles of one to four strands for hair transplantation. The hair follicles are usually obtained from the back and sides of the head. The experts of our FUE hair transplant surgery clinic Mumbai implants these single hair follicles in the sections that are affected with hair loss or baldness.

The FUE procedure is administered under local anesthesia and the surgeons employ a microsurgical uprooting tool, to extract the follicles. The approach entails puncturing the scalp section on which the graft implant will take place. Our specialists are skilled at mixing the hair while inserting the grafts so that the final outcome favors a consistent and natural hair pattern.

The time of the whole FUE procedure depends on how many grafts are required for bald the scalp to be harvested. 200 grafts are required usually for a smaller procedure and it takes only a couple of hours. But if the client has large bald patches, 2,500 to 3,000 grafts may be required for FUE treatment and the sessions may extents over two days. Since the removal is focused on one by one follicle, small puncture scars can be left on the scalp but they are moderately undetectable. The patient barely senses any post-surgical soreness and pain. The average recovery takes less than a week.

Our FUE hair transplant surgery clinic Mumbai assures permanent outcomes one you have undergone the procedure. You may experience obvious shedding of hair for a few weeks but they are only initial transplanted hair. After that, your scalp will natural hair that will be stronger and healthier.

Hairline Reconstruction

One of the notable parts of the face is the Forehead that consists of the frontal hairline. With aging, people's hair in frontal hairline begins to recede and the person's hair losses the impression of density and their forehead seem bigger. To stop such deterioration, our FUE hair transplant surgery clinic Mumbai practices a surgical approach called hairline reconstruction to improve the shape of the frontal hairline. While conducting the surgery our specialist keeps the clients' preferences under the highest considerations to determine the scalp laxity and hairline height.

Our primary approach to the hairline reconstruction procedure is to ascertain the most appropriate hairline that will harmonize the client’s face. Our experts artistically conceive a hairline that copies the original hairline to provide the most excellent features to the face. The primary focuses are Lateral humps, transient details of the face, curved or fluffy hairlines and Widow’s peaks. During the procedure, the surgeons may have to modify the contour and the silhouette of the hairline to make the most suitable hair transplant outcomes according to the clients' facial features, age, and demands.

Unshaven Hair Transplant

Also understood as Undetectable FUE, Unshaven Hair Transplant is an unconventional FUE method in which hair is shaved to expedite the process of extraction and graft installation. Both men and women are eligible for this hair transplant. This excellent method is an invaluable opportunity for those who yearn to have all of their hair while going through the procedure of hair transplant as denied to having few of them shaved off.

The proficient experts of our hair transplant center in Mumbai possess the abundant skill, expertise, and training in this procedure. Each demand of the client will be reckoned with utmost regards and each step during the treatment will be conducted with supreme care and hygiene. The approach not only assures more tangible and long-lasting results but also assure safety while bypassing all types of post-surgical trauma or discomfort.

Beard And Mustache Transplant

Facial hair transplant or Beard And Mustache Transplant is a technique frequently performed on the men who undergo from uneven or inconsistent loss of hair from goatee. The reason could be genetic or due to operational scars, wounds or other signs of accidents. At our PRP hair treatment in Mumbai, every beard and mustache transplantation is reinforced with power-arranged growth factors in the pattern of PRP surgery for more agile, thicker and more genuine results.

Since beard and mustache transplantation is a bit complex and technical, our clinic hires trained professionals along with an expert crew of attenders who fulfill the sessions through a meticulous strategy to surmise the genetic pattern of the client's hair. Our fundamental approach towards treatment complies with the equivalent FUE procedure that we practice in hair transplantation. The grafts are extricated from the donor section and are engrafted on the inconsistent bald parts of the goatee or mustache. The beard or mustache transplantation customarily yields notably pleasant results. The grafted hair breeds typically like other facial hair. The person can adopt any style or look by trimming or shaving the beards or mustache.

Eyebrow Reconstruction

Eyebrow reconstruction is a technique to shape eyebrows for those who have limited to no hair in the eyebrow section. At our hair transplant clinic in Mumbai, the crew of professionals practices the identical radical approach of FUE hair transplantations for the eyebrow remodeling procedure. The method acts by extracting hair from the scalp and grafting it to the eyebrow zone to get the eyebrow look thicker and more defined with no gaps.

Our expert uses a professional extraction tool to extract hair grafts and install them in the brow section under a microscope. Once the transplant is done, the client will get a brilliantly natural-looking eyebrow. Since the approach is very delicate, our practitioners employ high-grade safety and precautions while placing the hairs into small holes that are angled in the correct way and location to imitate the tangible thickening of eyebrows. The grafted hair will grow typically, appearing in original eyebrows.