Best Hair Wigs & Hair Patch Treatment in Mumbai

Impression Skin-Hair & Cosmetic Hub administers non-surgical hair replacement in Mumbai for those people who believe the idea of experiencing a surgical hair transplant can be a nightmare for them. The approach is very simple as it exercises the applications of Artificial hair integrations.

They are hair extensions that are often recognized as hair weaves and can be an alternative to a surgical hair transplant. This is a hair replacement system that not only hides the bald patches but also can add length and volume to the natural hair.

Artificial hair integrations come in various sizes, colors, and lengths. The hair material also comes from a diverse assortment of choices. The application of the pieces is super easy and gives instant results. The hair replacement prices are available for both men and women.



Hair Weaving

Hair weaving is the most modern way of improving your hairstyle in modern days. This approach is helpful for both men's and women's baldness problems. It is a highly exceptional non-surgical hair replacement procedure in which two attachment methods are employed according to the severity of hairlessness and the client’s demands.

What is hair weaving?

Hair weaving introduces the methods of combining new hair, either real or manufactured to the original hair of the client. People who are not happy with their hair, or desire to own a more striking appearance with plentiful and long gorgeous hair can go for this idea.

At our hair weaving clinic in Mumbai, the expert's practice diverse weaving standards such as fusion, tracking, mesh, thread extensions, bonding, micro braiding, etc. The clients can choose their preferences according to their requirements. While executing the replacement job, our experts usually administer the Hair attachment process in which, the expert attaches the hair system to the bald scalp. The specialist will employ medicated adhesive and double-sided strip to attach the hairpiece. This is usually practiced for clients with 3rd to 7th-grade hairlessness. This method lasts around 8 to 15 months.

Hair weaving cost:

Since is it is a non-surgical approach, the hair weaving cost in Mumbai is reasonably lesser than a hair transplant. The overall hair weaving cost largely depends on the quality of the hairpieces and the hair material type.

Hair Bonding

People who are not satisfied with the length of their hair, Hair bonding is the ultimate painless solution that can increase the length instantly. This non-surgical hair replacement procedure uses congenial hair extensions and attached to the client's original hair. This nonsurgical technique can also be administered to the problem of hair thinning.

What is Hair Bonding?

Hair bonding is an excellent arrangement for both males and females who seek instant solutions for hair loss. At our hair patch treatment in Mumbai, the experts apply soft silicone adhesive on the balding area of the scalp to attach the artificial hair system. Soon after the application, the extension will blend adequately with the prevailing hair strands. We allow our clients to make their choices among the diverse variety of colors, types and sizes according to their budget and the natural texture of hair.

Hair Bonding Cost

Hair bonding is a relatively low-cost solution than other hair replacement options and transplant operations. Visit our non-surgical hair replacement clinic in Mumbai and get the most reliable advice from our experienced professionals and surgeons about what type of artificial hair should be perfect and attached to your actual hair.

Hair Patch

Hair patch treatment is synthetic hair restoration, excellent for those individuals who undergo Alopecia Areata or partial hair loss. The patch of hair is specially composed to flawlessly fir the client's head. The hair patch for man appears real and the client gets a more handsome impression than before. The hair patches are designed to coordinate the hair texture, shade, and thickness of the client. As contrasted to a conventional hairpiece, a hair patch is smaller in size and meant to halt on a hairless spot on the scalp.

What is a hair patch treatment?

The hair patch approach is considerably uncomplicated and non-surgical. The procedure includes a patch extension that is installed in the scalp's space where alopecia has transpired. Our hair patch treatment in Mumbai is conducted through the expert hands of the professionals who attach the hair patch with superficial glue or sometimes clips. Both glue and clips are positively secured and do not cause allergic responses on the skin. This kind of corrective remedy for hair is remarkably safe and quick.

The prosthetic patch of hair is customarily manufactured, to match the clients' hair type and texture. Since it is a non-surgical procedure, restorative setting bypasses the needs on needles and thus the installation of the hair patch is painless. Hair patch price is relatively cheap and they look more real than the wigs. People who have opted for hair patches can comb and style their hair the way they want. They can additionally continue regular exercises and movements like bathing, swimming, etc.

Hair patch cost

At Impression, we are offering the best deals on Hair Patch Treatment Price for Man in Mumbai. People who don't want to undergo the pain of transplant surgery can definitely opt for our hair patch treatment. The whole expanse regarding Hair Patch Treatment Price for Man chiefly depends on the client's severity of the baldness and also the quality they chose for the patches.