Best PRP Hair Treatment in Mumbai

What is PRP

PRP is one of the most effective surgical procedures of hair transplants to fight against baldness. Men with androgenetic alopecia and women with both androgenetic alopecia and traction alopecia can opt for the PRP hair treatment in Mumbai. In this biochemical procedure, the client is given a series of injections to put Platelet Rich Plasma along with growth factors into the balding scalp to promote hair growth.

PRP is a concentrated substance from the blood, has growth factors that send signals to inactive hair follicles to activate the hair production. In PRP treatment, our experienced specialists collect Platelet Rich Plasma (PPR) from the blood of the client by whirling it in a centrifuge. White and red cells are separated from the plasma and required nutrients are added to the PRP. The growth factors, present in PRP, binds specific receptors of the membrane cells to stimulate cell proliferation, division, and growth.

Our hair transplant center in Mumbai performs the PRP treatment very meticulously. The entire process of the treatment takes a half-hour or less and only requires general anesthesia.



Why to use PRP

PRP hair treatment in Mumbai has gained enormous popularity due to the immense success rate. People who opted for this treatment till now, have seen the visible results within a few months of the treatment. Treatment may take time to beget results but once the outcomes are visible, it is permanent, constant and improving. The new and healthy hairs will be naturally grown from the scalp. The grown hair will be of the same color and texture as the client's natural hair. While people have to take great care while maintaining a hairpiece or wig or patch, the hairs after PRP treatment doesn't necessitate such concerns. Moreover, PRP is non-surgical and painless.

Cost of PRP

PRP hair treatment in Mumbai is cheaper than other hair transplant procedures. People who want real hair instead of synthetic wigs and also cannot afford the expanse of FUE hair transplant, PRP hair transplant is the ideal choice for them. Our hair transplant Clinic in Mumbai is offering the best cost-effective PRP sessions for our prestigious clients.